Thursday, February 10, 2011

MODE : Semangat Waja hahhahahah!!!!

Bought this sticker from our lovely Rozy. ;)! Spai kt rmh i tgh hari tadi. Trus i tampal di kereta. Sbnrnya i pun xtau knp i bli sticker nie. Dlm erti kata lain compulsive lah at first.

But when i text Rozy and informed her that the car sticker arrived safely, she replied "for baby Aliff spy mama dia bsmngt nk BF". Yup that should be the Core reason kan....hikss!!!

Thanks ya Rozy....and not to forget to those mummies yg duk bg smngt utk bf....thanks sgt....ya'all the coolest friends eva!!!


~ As ~ said...

i nak juga...please...mana nak beli? message me ya.

Rozy said...


Glad you like it..and chaiyok!! chaiyok!! :)

fiza said...

Hehehe...i pon dpt sticker nih smalam, memang bersemangat waja nak tampal, tetapi....tinggal plak kat office, haihhhh...., jap lagi nak tampal.