Friday, January 1, 2010

Very First Post for 2010!

Salam...this is my first post for the year 2010..wah....mcm formal gitu. How i celebrate my countdown? i went to meru jln kopi to be exact joined my SIL happy family by eating satay, bakar ikan, having a custom char kuey tiaw delicious one and having coffee not champagne yer!

It was a great celebration when u are surrounded by those who like to be eating out all nite! and of course my sister in law be the one who translate the java's totok for me!

Had a chat all nite papaameer spai juling mata! Bkn slalu dpt join other family! i can't imagine myself celebrate new year with out any celebration! :)!

The next day, i was over slept! i was supposed to go to work but it seems like i have to fulfilled my beauty sleep regime! am i beauty? i guess! cit prasan!

We spent our time yesterday by 'visiting' C4, went to jusco equine and finally i was carrying huge red plastics with ikan merah , ikan tenggiri, ikan siakap and kerisi for the whole holiday stock! yup! i see myself as supermom! with the help of my beloved hubby of course!

This morning, wake up early and heading to office! it feels sucks when u have to work when other people still asleep in their warm bed!

As i enter the office those who are earlier then me just stare with a blur and non friendly face! yup most of my office mate were born with a huge egos bigger then SRI PERDANA i think! who cares! Just want to finished my works because i'll be on leave this monday! yeay!

Tonite we're goin to watch SHERLOCK HOLMES! yeay! just because RD! My Ironman hunks! auwww! with ameer off course! Let's just hope ameer behave well tonite yer!

Ok. Got to chow as for now! :)!


~ As ~ said...

nak tgk sherlock holmes jg!

senioritasara said...

N i pon nak ikut tgk sherlock homes...!!!!