Tuesday, January 5, 2010

For Sale - Classy and Elegant Jumpsach Soft Structured Carriers - SOLD

Wannabe like current Hot Hollywood Celebrity Moms?
Black Damask on Cherry Straps ( its a headturning!!! U'll love it!!)

Almost new.
Used only once for taking pictures.
RPP RM329.00 + Mesh Hood RM30=TOTAL RM359
Letting go at RM300 inclusive postage
Body Panel: Black Damask
Body Panel Material: Soft CanvasStrap Color: CherryStrap
Material: Cotton TwillBody Panel Height: 16 inch
Body Panel Width: 15 inch
Body Padding: Lightly PaddedWaist Pad: curved, structured, high density foam.
Shoulder strap: straight, high density foam.Accessories: Detachable Sleep Hood and Chest Strap included
Sizing: One size fits most adults
Carrying positions: Front, Back and Hip carryDesc:Practical carrier for 2 months old till 3 or 4 years old.
Suitable for travelling and carrying heavy babies/toddlers. Airport friendly.*Back carry is recommended for heavier babies (with head control)


Ealyie said...

smlm ely baru je baca blog ky reviea about this..
y dia nak jual..

p/s: i'm drooling this... huhuhuh..

yaz said...

Thanks so much Nuroll for putting this up in your blog.
Hi Ealyie,
Kyaz nak jual coz I'm going ga-ga over another carrier;the Oh Snap lak.
I don't think Abg Dett will allow Kyaz to have 3 carriers..so sadly enough Kyaz kena let go 1..& it has to be this 1 as yg 2nd carrier;the O&A pun lom sampai yet..

Nuroll said...


for the newborn, mmg worth buying....the style says it all baby....

Ealyie said...

vavavava... beli lagi rupanya kyaz nie.. ish..ish..
nasib takde budget..huhuhu..

that day, for Nb ely try ssc LP je N, not bad la tapi rasa this one much more better sbb ada hood kan.. jenuh la ely pegang kepala Faris dulu kalo dia tertdo.. hehehe.. ;)