Sunday, June 28, 2009

Special Treat !!!

Hi there mommies!!!

This time i'm looking for viewer number 4142! why 4142? because 4142 is my fav number which can be found in almost all my family member carplates and my handphone. So what this viewer number 4142 shall do? Just email to me the page that shows u are the viewer number 4142 and sent a simple slogan "i love to visit N's blog because....." Just that simple! Come on guys!

p/s : As usual this special treat is for my follower only. If you're not, then be one! ;))!!



our family favourites no...5056...kat keta pun guna no tu..kat h/pon pun guna no tu..hehehe

Nuroll said...

ngeh! ngeh! if ikutkan just number je kan?? ;)!