Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Yesterday, i was suprised when the ringsling that i have ordered arrived. As usual dengan aksi rakus ku membuka bungkusan poslaju. Ternampak lah DILION yg ku idam-idamkan. Thanks to maryaaa coz she gave a very efficient service delivered items that we've ordered through her blog! Syabas. This is my first experiance la baby wearing nie. I'm not yet quitting as a stroller junkie but i really want to try out something new. thanks god that Ameer never complaint everytime his mummy want to experiment on something new.
A bit weird at first but i found it very baby friendly but of course we have to make ourselves get used to it. Dapat-dapat terus nak pose maut!.

There are a few technique that we can try. All inside the attached leaflet by Maryaaa. please mommies, read it first. After a few adjustment, u can see ameer getting himself comfy with the DILION ringsling.

As for me, my hubby is the cheerleader in the house! he always supported me everytime the new experiment took place. the strollers, the Cloth diapers and now the RINGSLING! I'm glad that both my love hubby and ameer are happy with it!


~ As ~ said...

wah wah.... anak beranak enter frame... heheheh


nampak cute n manja ja ameer dlm pelukan mamanya

mama-qaisara said...

wah...sportingnye hubby.husband sya segan nk pakai ni.huhu

Anonymous said...

welcome to the world of babywearing! :)

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banyak info ada.. plus belajar cara pakai RS dengan betul!

c u there

ong_mummy said...

salam..kat mana nak beli benda alah tu ek??etcelli bibik saya selalu wat benda g2 tp guna kain batik lepas yg x jahit lg jer...nak gak cr trendy mcm awak tu sket...cr kat bb store x juper la...blh la kita pun guna sekali gak kan