Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bugaboo Bee 08

Adakah N agak terlambat untuk introduce new member in my stroller family? Mungkin kot. Dek kerana kesibukan ( sibuk ker ? ) maka post ini tertunda. Ngeh! Ngeh! ok mommies, hold your breath....introducing u a bugaboo be 08 in Blue!!! ta daaa...!

Headache N dah relief because i have to choose between my dream VIBE and this lovely BEE! Finally N pilih bee coz slightly smaller then the VIBE. Almaklumlah kereta ku kecikkk....if N pkai ALPHARD, all ameer's strollers will be in. its compact, stylish and mnveribility mmg marvellous. Hubby pun suker coz dia x perlu susah-susah nak angkat berat-berat. And one more info, Erra Fazira ordered a pink colour for her newborn daugther Engku Aleesya!!! Applicable from newborn to 17kg toddler.

So N ltak liner to ala-ala. Utk photogs jer. What i like most is the fully extended mode hood covered all the baby. same as Combi.

It has a very wide basket that can be reached. All mode & positioning are easy. in safety wise, dia ada hand safety strip di bahagian handle and the braking system like mac where both wheel blakang is locked.

Pandangan dari belakang. As conclusion, Ameer, Mama & Papa are happy with this new gadjet. price wise, eerrr...agak mahal berbanding stroller lain di pasaran. Ku pecah tabung-tabung ayam yg ada lah.


mamaDhea said...

aduhhh kak N.. jelez jelez.. klu sya nak beli pon nak beli kaler pink/merah.. hehe.. ntha bila laa tuh..

btw, stroller aritu dah sold ek?

Nuroll said...

salam sya,

yg buzz dah terjual. tinggal quest jer. but dah ada yg reserved gituh. Sya boleh beli but kena pcah tabung dgn ikat perut. Kak ari2 bawak bekal tau.....stroller punyer penangan...

Chuff said...

Hi, I wrote to you last month and you mentioned someone was going to view the Bee. Is it sold yet?

I wasn't sure of the gender of my baby if you remember:)

Please write me at ling67@hotmail.com