Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Me & Trouble!

hahahahha...not that much serious....

bila i xboleh bukak my personal fb account, tu yg mengelabah sekejap . Coz i see some of my beloved friend being hacked di fb depa....tu yang ketaq smcm tu...;)!

in trouble jugak sbb this morning i bgn and i can't even use my phone pun bukanlah fancy android smartphone...but ok lah...bersyukur because some of the photos in this blog pun from my not so great android phone!

Sape punya keje? Off course lah si kcik yg xbrapa nk kcik now Aliff...everytime pgang tab, he'll mention BIRD, when it comes tu his papa phone, he'll shout BIRD! and guess what?


dia xpdai main pun, but dia tahu lah to use the 'lestik' tu kan....

Last monday punya dinner i prepare this....

i remember i buat nasi hujan panas ni on the first day of Ramadhan....

rasa mcm xpuas mkn....actually xsusah sgt pun. ;)!

But one main thing yg i lupa ltk.....hahahahah!!!


i do think that u can get plenty of the recipe on the web!

Senang jer!

Yg pting, masak dari hati! chewahhh!!! POYO i dh start!! Better go off!!

luv u all!!