Tuesday, September 6, 2011

KLCC Breastfeeding Flash Mob 2011 Part 2

After the actual flash mob di entry INI, mmg our group dh ready to be criticized....

so mcm2 lah kluar, but mostly yg sgt supportive. Off course yg kutuk berhambur pun ado lah kan...adatlah tu.

but our main objective is to tell people that jgn malu tu nurse in public because that is our child punya right.


so, this is 2nd time media put it in public about this flash mob. The first ialah pada 17th of August kalau xsilap dlm breakfast show with kak Rita Rahayu.

The flash mob was featured in Berita Harian dated 6th Sept 2011. With a very interesting title "Dihalau Kerana Susukan Bayi"

I pun xtau kluar BH sbnrnya, but when few of my friend text ckp ada kluar di BH, trus i pi newstand...xde pulak BH...dh abis...

so, i went to the hospital library....puas hati dpt baca....;)!

Puas hati jugak nmpk muka i ngan aliff terselit2 kt celah2 tue....

And morrreeee puas hati bila this flash mob dh create attention and awareness to parents that xperlu malu atau segan utk Breastfeeding in public but still menjaga tatasusila sbg seorg wanita.....:)!

"Breasfeeding is Fitrah , Breasfeeding is Sunnah"