Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My Lamb kabsah!

The mix appetizer with lots of vege plus the crushed green peas with a pinch of olive oil.....a MUST for us.

The lamb kabsah that i had. Pnuh satu pinggan spai melimpah2. The lamb i tpaksa share ngan my daddy.

Nasi pun x abis.

Tp gatal juga nk order lamb! :)! The lamb was nicely cook, of course with no goaty smell.

i wonder how the arab people masak spai isinya relai2 satu2. But who cares.

Yang pting dpt makan sedap org belanja!

wanna had yours? U know where it is....there's no other then SABA menunggu.....hahahhahahah!!!



Farra Dhelina said...

kat mn ni kak?

Nuroll said...


kat SABA. cyberjaya.