Thursday, May 19, 2011

Jom ke laut!!!

Wei korg....i ajak ke laut bukan nk belayar ke hape... Mood utk update blog adalah sgt kelaut. Asal tgn pgang keyboard je *kapoooffff* trus ilang idea. kt draft tu berlambak2....tah hape2 tah...

Mgu ini adalah sentap skit. School Holidays nanti my ofismate planned mcm nk buat gather2 gitew. Bos2 pun adalah sponsor skit. Maka i pun tergedik2 lah rasanya nk pgi. Kalau xpi nanti ckp i diva plak. Duk otel xde bintang ko xnk pgi, duk resort 5 bintang ko nk plak. Maka i pun tanya lah kt sorg hamba Allah ni. 2 kali i tanya..." Adik manis gemok gedempol, parents kak ada, can i bring along my parents? i'll pay for their seperate room and expense....boleh dak?" Dia diam.

Owh...maybe she'll think about it. Fikir postive hokey. I sabar jer...The next day, i asked the same questions, dia diam dan blah. Ok girl, i assumed that u dun like my questions. But WTF susah sgt ke ko nk jwb...YES or No or anything....Or maybe your gemok gedempol ass is too heavy and it relates to your mouth doll?

I keep it to myself. And all of sudden, in front of my naked eyes without her realizing it, " hey, u boley bwk u punya mak mentua long as u pay" but that one is to other people....Me just WTF again and again.... Is it sbb i xskufu dgn u all then u gemok gedempol girl treat me like this.

C mon.. i cite ngan one of the collegue yg kununya skufu dgn i for them...She was shocked ... last2 baru she gemok gedempol declare yg bole bwk extended family and all that. At that time i dh mmg xrasa nk pgi dh.... coz me dh planned ngan whole family to other place....

Then barulah sibuk2 bg survey form to me...i crumpled then buang dlm tong sampah. I just wait for the perfect moment for her to come and say sorry so that i boley ckp kt dia that she is so rude! and her mouth like tiang jamban! serious i'll say it straight to her face! Prangai mcm sial.

For me, ko xctik xpe, as long as u now how to be polite to dh lah xcantik gmuk gedempol, mulut bau mcm bangkai! And yes cik temah, u go and tell your girls hokey.... then you decide ... i am ready to take my off earings anytime and anywhere coz i dh lama sabar ngan prangai kampung korang ni!