Monday, April 25, 2011

The Great Cloth Diaper Change 2011

Owh...sorry...been very busy bee i dmam and aliff got his chicken pox at 3 month old!! Imagine that!!

But we still manage to catch this event. Thanks to MCDP sbb pilih aliff and me. The fever of GCDC masih duk terasa-rasa lagi....lovely kak dot, those friendly mummies, and how sporting Dynas sbb sudi nk bergambar bersama. This was the cake...:)! xdpt mkn pun but sempat sebat 3 cuppies yg keliling tue.

The Committe was so hardworking!!! mmg giler2 sumbang tenaga punya....i xpgi pun during day event sbb si aliff tu mcm dedar2 je. Let him rest for nite event. There was a bazaar , breasfeeding talk and babywaering talk during day event. Mcm2 CD ada....rasa rugi jugak xpi...;)!

The location sponsored by Scriptory box. Nice place cuma rasa depa kena psg ekon lbh skit kot sbb dh rmai2 tu mmg xterasa lsg but depa still put standing fan...thanks to that.

This is during registration. I antara yg terawal hokey....sgt poyo sbb excited usual lah kan .....;)!

Got spot no 3....

Looks!!! it's aliff name there!! No 14 ;)!

Aliff walaupun a bit dedar2 but still manage to be a cool guy mlm tue....good boy Aliff...mama cayang awak busuk2 masam....muah! muah! baju tido baru hokey...suar belang2 my fav.

Dynas as our celebrity guess...manage to take some photos with her....pastu blk mengigau2 pasal tgk her bods....trus nk beli sneakers the next dayy!!! pity me huh?

Farhana from tgh bg briefing. Time ni mmg havoc giler....masing2 dh xsabo. Baik mak, anak apatah smua sabo...enjoy....all the daddy kt bawah plak tue...tea time together!!! goodie bag dia!!! Lot of goodies and voucher...mcm2 ado....;)! Buat i asyik duk belek jer siang malam

And guess what? My name won the first lucky draw dipped by dynas!!!! As my bro said malam tu 'ko nervous ni aku rasa ko nk menang lucky draw nie!!


Sharp at 12.30am 23 april 2011 all 38 Malaysians mummies change to cloth diaper simultaneously around the world!!! Happy me and other mommies!!! got loads of photos di MCDP. Boley tgk sana....:)!