Thursday, September 16, 2010

Special Edition White On Black Quinny Zapp

Its a bit late for me to introduce this pushchair. :)! Sorry. Sbenarnya xnk intro pun sbb yelah dah rmai yg owned zapp kan. However atas kehendak seseorg yg teringin nk tgk "kehitaman" the frame, jd i put it here.

It is compulsary for me to document all thepush chair yg i beli. And this pushchair, sbnrnya co-incident since i plan to get another new zapp bila i conceive kan. Tp once i bli this zapp, tahu2 my UPT is +ve. :)! Rejeki. Thanks also to Kak Yaz ku....Luv u strong...

This is ameer, lepak atas pushchair, without buckle up. So as we clearly know that the zapp is only meant for 6 month and above. Sbb this zapp xbole recline compare to Senzz.

The 'Quinny' on the frame. The white seat, on the black frame.......:)!

Attached with a basket which prevoiusly i used with my Raccoon Zapp

Look how smart it is. Yikes!

The back view.

Rear View

The white seat.

The top view.

all and all this pushchair same as other Zapp cuma the frame and the white seat that makes it different. :)!

I really think my pushchair is so special....What about yours?


mama and kids said...

mmg cun!!!

tapi kaler putih ini adalah big no no utk daku yg idop kelam kabut dan anak ramai berderet2 hahaha

kompom pakai sebulan terus jadik kepam wakakaka

Nuroll said...

huhuhu....aku guna frame jer...itupun takot giler kalau scratch....