Saturday, December 12, 2009

Early 2010 Resolution

N akui kadang2 masalah kerja memaksa N untuk menjadi seorang yg degil & keras hati. Mmg my inner strentgh is sikap keras hati tu which sometimes can be positive and can be negative also.

Been very bz lately dgn work maka xsempat nk update kt sini.To kak Yaz my lovely sis, thanks sbb understand N. Sorry sgt ya kak.

Last 2 weeks i went for a check up by organised by national kidney foundation. Sajalah take a time to check my body condition. Weight gain? yup since i gave birth to ameer mmg berat bdn mendadak naik. I'm free from diabetic, my cholestrol level is normal but the doc say i have to reduce it. Drinks lots of water, drink barley without sugar once a week to cleanse the kidney.

After the check up i'm determine to take my food intake carefully. and Alhamdullilah in 2 weeks i reduce some weight. few of my good friends noticed about it. My skin glowed and i look healthy. I believe i look better then before ( i dun mind if depa kata i perasan....) i knows my body very well.

In 2010 i hope that i can be healthy as ever. Maybe giving birth to adik ameer Insyallah. Reduce some more weight, try to find another job and pursue for studies ( again and again...)I dun ask myself to be as slimmed as Erra Fazira but enough to be healthy in my more exercise and take a time to teach ameer to swim. :)!

Xcukup dgn healthy body i pray to Allah to blessed me with a healthy mind too. :)!

This is part of my early resolution. The rest of the list will comes later. Till i write again.

Nk kena bersiap2 ke kenduri kahwin jap lagi. :)!