Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Introducing ILY ( I Love You ) Maclaren.

Salam mummies. As promised before N nak intro the ILY ( I love You ) design by Lulu Guiness and make into reality by Maclaren company. This ILY is a QUEST actually but keistemewaan dia is this pushchair is under Object of Obsession by Maclaren. Same category as Leather, Burberry ,Kate Spade, BOR and few to names lah. This Obsession is mostly used by Hollywood Celebrities, such as Salma Hayek and Jesicca Alba.

So dlm photo ni N ltk ameer lah sebagai model. Mommies can focus on the hood and the chair where the Colourful I Love You can be seen all over it.

This pushcahir is actually bought in UK and i bet Kinderjik ( sole principal of maclaren , avent , crocs ect....) also x bawa masuk ke Malaysia because not all knows about it accept for Stroller Junkie Jelita78, Kak Yaz , As & me ( stroller junkie ker N ni? ). That is why K ayaz collect as much as she can :)! sbb dia giler minat and want to share it with everobody.

This ILY is for sale as Kak Yaz want to clear her space. N pun sbb N baru sahaja....jeng! jeng! jeng! so xmuat....

So if anybody outhere want to grab this chance can call N. Believe me those who bought stroller from us will never regret it as we kept the stroller inside our house and we even have a preventive schedule for it.

No worries as the stroller come from pet and smoke free environment and is keep with tender loving care! :)!


MommyDania said...

N, how much. ni mac laren quest sport ke? let me know ya price. thanks

adda said...

wow. lawa nyer corak2 dia. happening