Wednesday, August 26, 2009

it's not tumbuh's.....

N call mama yesterday. To tell her that ameer is not well. Mama said, it's better for N to take Ameer to see peadiatrician. I was waiting for my hubby when my bbsitter called and informing that ameer condition is getting worst.

Waiting for hubby is like waiting in vain. I drove my car, went home and take buku merah ameer. pack some things for ameer. God knows how i felt at that 10 minutes time.

Mama started to call her friends such as Peadiatrician consultant Dr Norzila but the call only ends with a conversation into mailbox. 2nd option is Dr Ramli Rahmat. An O&G consultant. He advised that there is no cure for IT. Just cleanliness and always to make sure that ameer drinks lots of water. Hubby arrived at 2pm and we went straight to An Nur.

Waiting for 2 hours until the doctor called. i was nervous. no words utter from usual talkative mouth. confirm it is HAND , FOOT & MOUTH DISEASE! I can't think for while. What is IT? How can Ameer contracted with IT? damn...The doc prescribed a bottle of potassium permaganant ( did i spell it correctly? ) and a mouth drop. Mama decide to come and stay at my home last nite.

today i'm working but hubby have to take emergency leave. Trow is my turn. Doc advised us to take 5 days self limiting quarantine for ameer.

And me, continue to search and google about it. Lets just pray that ameer will get better.

To mummies, if u find your child have measles that is not exact like chicken pox at their feet, palms . And the saliva start to flow continuesly with some on and off mild fever. Yes, that is the main symptom. And it viral like disease.

i'm not sending my child into nursery and i thought my child will not have it, but i am totally wrong! i blame myself for this. i'm an ignorance person this time.



~ As ~ said...

semoga cepat sembuh!

yaz said...

Don't blame yourself
U've done the best that you can..
Don't worry too much..Ameer will get better soon enough..

adda said...

Kesiannye.. get well soon ameer dear.. n dont blame urself ok.. setiap ujian allah itu ada himahnye

adinsa said...

hope ameer cpt sembuh..adinsa