Monday, April 20, 2009

Pusat Kawalan Kusta Negara

Why N dah lama x post entry? Sebab N pi tpt nie. Since N kcik2 dah sebati dengan bau Hosp and i end up being a hospital engineer...but i remember during my school days feeling creepy nak msuk tpt nie. Ye la leprosy kan. those days there is no cure for this disease. Nowdays mmg dah fully treated. Dah ada cure untuk leprosy. This PKKN is just like a small town for leprosy people. They can't go out in public. its taboo to see leprosy people. But now is different. PKKN dah x mcm dulu lagi. Still ada lagi nursery and the old building. Cuma shadowed by Hospital Sungai Buloh kat sberang jalan sana. Tenang jer N rasa to be attached there. So, i ended up loading my 4WD with pokok limau nipis, pokok limau kasturi, pokok daun kari & Pokok Wel-wel!

Nursery run by a leprosy's patient wife. N dilayan oleh Bee Lan. Her daughter. Oleh kerana kefasihan ku berbahasa mandarin maka dapatlah ku membeli pada harga yg Spesel!!!

Small bonsai! Geram jer tgk!

Cactus! But the big one came from Cameron Highland!!