Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Grand Tour LX???

Hi. Dari aritu N follow the maclaren punya website. so N decided to browse the state punya MAC. and ka ching! look what i found.... a stroller of course! so this grand tour is 2009 punya edition. of course N x pnah pkai and susah nak review mcm mane. But what make this stroller interesting is that it came with a strolometer. This meter is meant to measure the mileage. Ala2 kereta gitu kan. then ada real time watch and analog thermometer. Those 4 season country may need this thermomater. The accesesories of course mmg best. N still try to get an information on the price and will it be here in Malaysia. Manala taukan kot2 mampu ker....ngeh! ngeh! ngeh! Last but not least ada spotlight kat bot front wheel tau. remote lagih...Kalau dapat tgk demo in live mmg buat masa skrg ni cuci mata yer.....